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White Exotic Never Before x Secret Society BOOKED: $150 || OVERRUN: $100 Stress TBA Bred by and owned with C and P Livestock Dam $21,000 High Selling Gilt, San Antonio…(Read More)

Black Exotic Death Row (Lock it Up) x 24-5 SkipBOOKED: $150 || OVERRUN: $100Stress TBA Sow is Littermate to mother of AmbushSow has had a bunch of success in every litter.Real tall fronted, great looking and good on his pasterns…(Read More)

Blue Exotic Viper x 24-1 SkipBOOKED: $150 || OVERRUN: $100Stress TBA Littermate to Reserve Cross, 3rd Overall and High Selling Gilt at the San Angelo Stars Gilt Show…(Read More)

White Exotic Swipe Right x Kum and Go x Oklahoma Chrome x SwaggerIN-SEASON: $150 || OFF-SEASON: $75Stress Negative Bred by Diamond J Show Pigs & Owned with Levi Canales…(Read More)